3D Printer Auckland: The Benefits of Having One

3D Printer Auckland: The Benefits of Having One

In the past few years, 3D printing has been making a lot of headlines, although this technology has actually been around way back in the 1980s. Another term for it is additive manufacturing. It may make use of fuse layers of powdered materials through a laser and disburse some melted plastic or a kind of similar material through the nozzles. People in Auckland and across the world see the benefits that a 3D printer can offer. With the help of technology, fabricating a product layer by layer has become possible.

3D Printing Before

In the past, 3D printers were so expensive. They came in massive sizes which meant that were impractical and cumbersome for both manufacturers and consumers. Originally, they were used for data visualization, rapid prototyping, and product development.

However, since the year 2010, rapid advancements in rapid printing has become possible. It has become more accessible for manufacturers. Now, many companies in Auckland utilize a 3D printer for different applications and there are those that are offering cost-friendly printers for people who are considered independent enthusiasts.

3D Printing Advantages

Complex Geometries

Among the best advantages of 3D printing is its potential to produce parts and components that come in very complicated designs. Since designs can now be made digitally, products are never limited by their geometric complexities. Meaning, it is possible for manufacturers to produce lighter and stronger components and this is something that the aerospace industry has been taking advantage.

Mass Customization

Aside from having freedom in complexity, another benefit of the technology is the chance it gives to people to customize products to almost any given requirement. The technology basically allows manufacturers to make different products inside of the same chamber and each is designed to respond to the varied requirements of end-users.

Less Tooling

With the help of additive manufacturing, products that have complex designs can be made possible with just one machine. With this, to the number of steps in the process of doing this is greatly reduced. Also, it reduces the amount of tooling needed at every step. This results in a final product that is made a lot faster and only needs fewer parts.

Fewer Costs

As it is now possible to fabricate products with less assembly and overall parts, additive manufacturing encourages more savings as it reduces the cost of tooling, as well as the hassle of getting all the needed equipment. The whole process also needs lesser time than when using conventional methods, thus increasing lead time while speeding up the delivery.

Knowing these benefits will help people better understand the reason behind the popularity of 3D printing. The technology simply comes with so many benefits that each one of us can definitely take advantage of.