Concrete Core Drills

 Drilling rigs comes in many types of core, and the concrete core drill is one of them. This equipment is specifically designed to drill through different thickness of concrete. Concrete drilling is a bit more difficult and time-consuming than drilling through wood, plastic or sheet rock. It is much easier and safer to drill small holes through concrete with sharp concrete core bits than to drill larger holes. Concrete core drills are also used in drilling rigs for large drilling projects.

Types of Concrete Drills


Concrete drills can be hand-held or core drilling rigs. Hand-held concrete drills, obviously, are easy to carry and transport. These tools are used to drill smaller holes, generally create smaller diameter core bits. Majority of the hand-held concrete drills are powered by electricity and they are less costly than the stand mounted core rigs. The hand-held concrete drills are used in construction or installation of electrical systems, as they are ideal to bore holes as passages for small utilities such as pipes, wires, and cables.


The mounted concrete core rigs are used when you need to remove large amounts of concrete. They are stable, providing the user a greater amount of security when working. The concrete core rigs are perfect to bore wider width of core bits.


When using a stand mounted concrete core drill, you fasten it to the surface wherein you are going to drill. Bolts are used to secure the drill rig in place, making it safe and easy to use. By doing so, you can use the drill safely on vertical or horizontal surfaces, which is very beneficial when running bigger utility lines. While concrete handheld drills are powered primarily by electricity, concrete core rigs can be powered by electricity, gas or air power supplies.


Concrete bits are mounted on tubes of different lengths to reach a wide range of concrete depths. Drilling companies would use extenders to reach even great depths when drilling. Most concrete drill rigs have teeth of diamond core bits, which enables it to easily penetrate to concrete.


Important Tips


Core bits can last for so long, but they may have different life expectancy, depending on they are used and maintained. They should always be kept sharp, as it is more dangerous to use a dull bit. It should not also be used past their time.


While do-it-yourself is a good thing, as you can save on cost, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. Many professional companies offer services to bore concrete holes for whatever purpose. If you want to do it yourself, make sure you make sufficient research about how to do the work. It is also important that you know your tools and equipment. Always utilize caution whether you are using hand-held or the core rigs.


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