Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets: Keeping Flammables Safe

Dangerous storage cabinets for flammables are very important as these provide a workplace with the right and proper protection against fire. Proper storing is a must in every workplace and is necessary to decrease the risk of any serious damage to the property and personal injury. It is a fact that the majority of industrial fires are actually caused by improper handling of chemicals. But with storage cabinets in place, such thing can be avoided.

A flammable storage cabinet is designed to keep any chemical from causing fire or fueling an existing one. This type of cabinet is able to withstand a considerable amount of heat. As it often made from metals, this storage cabinet is constructed using 18-gauge iron or can be higher than that. At the same time, it has a double-wall feature with an inch and a half in between. The design helps prevent the heat from entering and igniting the chemicals inside.

Features of Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

To be sure that you have a reliable storage cabinet, it is important to know the best features that you have to consider before the purchase. Especially that these cabinets are widely available in different stores, even online, getting hold of the right one is a must. Doing will allow you to save considerable amount of money and time as you don’t have to jump from one seller to the next or buy a new cabinet every now and then.

One of the most important things to consider would be the doors of your flammable storage cabinet. Be sure to check if the gaps are properly sealed in order to decrease the amount of heat entering the cabinet. It would also be best if it features a 3-point lock that prevents unwanted opening of the doors.

There are also some metal cabinets that has a vent at the bottom. The vent will allow the air inside of the cabinet to flow to the outside of the facility. This air circulation is necessary to decrease the temperature inside of the cabinet.

Keeping your Cabinets Properly

One great thing about these kinds of cabinets is the fact that they can be easily stacked together. At the same time, you can integrate them with your existing work benches. This means that they actually do not consume so much work space. This is very helpful for smaller facilities with smaller operations but handle flammable liquids and other dangerous chemicals.

When buying a storage cabinet for your flammables, don’t miss to check for certifications. It will only be considered good if it passes the NFPA code 30 requirements and OSHA guidelines. You can also check out reliable suppliers like https://www.globalspill.com.au/ to ensure safety throughout your workspace.