How Can Water Jet Cutting Machine Cut Through Steel?

A water jet cutting machine is an indispensable modern cutting tool. Nowadays, they are a ubiquitous item in machine shops and are the tool of choice when it comes to cutting metal parts using a stream of high-pressure water.

It may sound pretty amazing, but it is real today. By getting water to flow fast and at a certain rate or speed, it will be powerful enough to cut through a sheet of metal.

How Can Water Jet Cutting Machine Cut Through Steel?

Coherent spray, this is the key to making water cut through metal.  Waterjet cutters can cut through metal because their spray nozzles are designed with narrow jeweled nozzle. If water passes through this with very high pressure, the sprayed water is made coherent and solid.

Unlike metal cutting tools, a waterjet machine will never get dull. It is also far more superior than its alternative machines because it will never overheat. Hence, it is practically used on cutting objects that are known to have high sensitivity to extreme temperature like metals.

The extremely high pressure coming from the nozzle of a water jet cutting tool is paramount to cutting a wide array of materials just with the use of pure cold water. For very hard materials, water can be mixed with abrasives so as to further intensify its cutting power and hastening up the process as well.

It is superior to other alternative cutting methods in the sense that it comes with a high level of accuracy. An extremely powerful water jet can be used for your cutting projects that require no less than high precision cutting. It is also considered an added bonus that it can handle as well complex shapes.  

How Fast Can Water Jet Cutting Machine Cut Through Metal?

A half-inch thick Titanium can be cut using an abrasive jet with the help of a 30 HP pump at a rate of 10 inches every single minute. The abrasive jet works in a fashion that is very much similar to how a slowed-down plotter pen works.

Practical applications for abrasive jet technology include:

  • Removal of stubborn materials found inside train tunnels
  • Cut whatever shape of choice you have in bullet-proof glass
  • Cut out aircraft and spacecraft parts
  • Removal of highway strip markings
  • Carving signs on wooden panel
  • Creative artwork like sculpture
  • Cutting of logs and lumber in a sawmill

What Industries Can Benefit from Abrasive Waterjet Technology?


      Stone materials that are intended to be used as a flooring material can be cut into custom patterns using waterjet technology. Letter signage that are made from metal or stone can be cut seamlessly using this technology. And finally, tile roofs can be shaped and cut to a particular design.


        Gears, hand gloves, or bodysuits made from foam or rubber can be made sans the use of heat, in much the same way as how laser beam would create and shape them.


Regardless how intricate a particular design is, or how seemingly challenging the execution of a design look like, it can be seamless with the use of waterjet machine. Practical application would be in jewelry design and sculptures, too.

Did you know that waterjet technology has been used in cutting diapers and candy bars also? Waterjet has also found their way to the oil exploration industry. They are used on the bottom in an effort to expedite the drilling process.

If water jet machines are used in line with directional jets, together these two technologies can be taken advantage of to bore a road that will house and route a fiber optic cabling system.