Portable Fuel Tanks for Your Boat

 Unless you own a huge ship with a built-in fuel storage system, you will need to have a portable fuel tank that you can easily pull apart from your boat. You may find portable fuel tanks very convenient and handy if you own a small boat or inflatables. This type of fuel storage system is most suitable for these types of watercrafts. A tank with a capacity of 15 gallons or less is considered as portable because of the weight of the fuel inside of the fuel tank, as you need to carry it in and out of the boat to refill it with fuel.

Choosing Your Portable Fuel Tank

Portable fuel tanks for boats come in a range of different sizes and designs. The tank varieties available on the market allows them to fit into tight spaces on boats. It is highly recommended that you decide first on the placement and take measurements for the perfect fit. Otherwise, you may find it gets in the way.

Motorboats are certainly dependent on fuel to run, which means you need to have a reliable fuel tank. Quality fuel tanks can at least last for ten years. However, cheap ones can crack when left in the sun for too long. Aside from the fuel tank itself, you also need to purchase adapters, fuel lines, and connectors to get the fuel from the storage tank to the outboard.

Portable fuel storage systems have grip handles, allowing easy and comfortable handling and transporting. These tanks are designed to be durable, but lightweight. These fuel storage tanks can either be made of metal or plastic such as polypropylene and polyethylene.

Bothe materials have their benefits, so choosing between metal and plastic depends on your preference. You can opt for one that is made of plastic if you want something that is resistant to corrosion. In fact, plastic is actually an ideal material for marine environments. This material is also convenient and lightweight, which makes it easy to move and transport compared to metal tanks.

You may also choose to buy the metal fuel tank, but make sure you will be able to maintain it properly to ensure that it will last long. Furthermore, watch out when you drag it across the surface of your boat, as it can scratch the deck. While the material is an important factor to consider when choosing your portable fuel tank, it is also crucial to consider the vents. Your tank should have a closed vent that is vapor-tight with a leak resistant cap.


Important Tips

Since you need to fill the portable fuel tank with fuel while you are still in the dock, make sure that every hatch is closed. Your motor and engine should be turned off before filling. Most importantly, make sure nobody is smoking nearby. You must also air out the vapors after filling the tank with fuel before you start the engine.