The Most Essential Tips High Tea Caterers Sydney

High Tea Caterers Sydney

One of the most interesting ways to entertain guests is to have an afternoon tea. It is also a great way to celebrate different special events like baby shower, anniversary, or a birthday party. Traditionally, an afternoon tea is considered to be formal, but at present, this is held as a casual and fun get together, though it can still be held in an elegant manner. Hiring the best high tea caterers Sydney is a good way to guarantee the success of an event.

High tea catering, though it looks simple, can be a complicated affair. At first it would seem simple but it a lot of planning. Usually, those who try to cater an event by themselves are too busy and gets exhausted from all the needed preparations. Good thing that help is available. Below are some steps that will help guarantee the success of the event.


It is important to determine if you want a formal or just a casual high tea. Once you have made your decision, you can set the tone by your invitations. For instance, if you want to send the invitations by email, it should indicate that it will be a casual event. On the other hand, if you print out delicate and lovely invites and individually address them, then the nature of the event will be formal. But if you prefer that your guests should dress up, be sure to mention the dress code in your invitation.

Food Preparation

In high tea catering, finger food is a staple. In most cases, guests will be expecting some sweet treats like cakes and cookies. But if are not into making these sweet treats, you can choose to hire a local caterer to take care of this need.

Finger sandwiches are often served during tea parties along with some ham, cheeses, lettuce, egg, etc. Make sure that napkins are available as finger foods can be messy.

Arranging the Table

Start with a lace tablecloth or have one that is made from white and plain linen. Then arrange the finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and other delicacies on white platters and surround them with creams and jams.

You can utilize your decorative teapots to prepare coffee and tea, setting every pot at one end of the table. Cream, milk, and lemon wedges should be arranged near the teapots and coffee.

Serving Hot Beverage

Saucers and teacups need to be positioned to the left of the teapot. This will make it easier for people pouring beverages to reach the next cup. In case the event is formal, the tea should be brewed ahead of time. But if it is a casual affair, you may offer different kinds of tea bags for the guests to choose from. Be sure that you provide some empty bowls to discard their used teabags and spoons.

To help you in making sure that the event will be memorable, seek the help of qualified high tea caterers Sydney. Doing so will spare you from a lot of trouble so you can also enjoy the event.

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